Why WalkOn! ?

WalkOn! is the easiest way to find stores and businesses around you, discover sales, and receive the best deals, while still earning all of your loyalty points.

WalkOn! allows you to stay on top of what is happening in your neighborhood, in your city, or on your way to work. With WalkOn! you receive exclusive discounts to all the stores that are closest to you, and at the right time.

What is WalkOn! ?

WalkOn! was made for people who love saving money, finding new stores wherever they are, and receiving exclusive benefits to any store nearby.

Exclusive Discounts

Save money and receive exclusive discounts at any time. WalkOn! helps you to save and find the best offers around you.

Rediscover your city

Your city is full of surprises, and news that you can't even imagine. WalkOn! will bring that and more to you.

Loyalty Cards

WalkOn! lets you stop stuffing your wallet with all of those outdated loyalty cards, and never have to worry about an overbearing keychain filled to the brim with loyalty cards either. WalkOn! is the one app you need to digitally store all of your loyalty cards.

Share and receive benefits

Share with friends, so you can receive extra discounts at your favorite stores.

Surprise yourself along the way

Stay up-to-date: receive offers and promotions from your favorite stores through in-app notifications.
So, you already know what's going on before you leave your house.